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Block Reading

Block reading is not the same as your critique group. Block reading comes after your manuscript is finished, when you’re done running it through your critique group. A block reader is used when you’re ready for one last scrutinizing before you send it off. I have a keen eye when block reading that will give you that last once-over.

What’s the difference? A critique group goes through your story a couple chapters at a time. Block reading is when an editor goes through the whole manuscript at one time, or a ten chapter block of your manuscript, if you prefer. If you’re a writer working on WIPS, a critique group is a must. Any successful published author will tell you critique groups are your saving grace. A block reader is just as valuable. They come in at the very end, after your manuscript has run its course through your experienced reading groups and is completely finished. The block reader reads it all the way through to make sure there is nothing your critique group missed.

Why is this necessary? Because critique groups read only a few chapters at a time, then it could be two weeks later, or for some critique groups a whole month, before they get the next couple of chapters. By then, the critiquer has forgotten some of the setting or some of the details in a story, therefore not catching an inconsistency or something that doesn’t add up. This is where the fresh pair of eyes from the block reader, me, comes in.

I’ve been writing for a long time, keep up with current writing techniques, and know that the Chicago Manual of Style is the final word in editing.

In stories I’ve edited I’ve caught things such as, in chapter five the author wrote that a student had waist-length hair, then a few chapters later wrote that the student’s hair was shoulder-length. In chapter two the author wrote that a pair of twins was the only set in the entire family, but eleven chapters later wrote that every generation had at least one set of twins. I will scrutinize while reading your manuscript and catch these things that your critique group didn’t.

I will not double book. I will read only one story at a time. There are no breaks in reading, not even one day. I will read as many chapters as you send me at one time, meaning–  I won’t read a couple chapters, and then put the manuscript down for a couple days until I can pick it back up again.

Thanks for checking me out.  Prices below.


Chapter book manuscripts for 6-9 or 7-10 year-olds – $45

Middle grade manuscripts – $55

Young adult and up – $70


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