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JJ’s writing began while in high school, but didn’t take off until 2000 when she became a stay-at-home-mom and had the flexibility to put more time into it. While raising her two boys, Doug Jr. and Justin, and spending time with her husband, Douglas, she produced several stories. She hasn’t stopped since. Other than being a mom, writing is her favorite job. Her boys are grown and have moved out, thus giving her flexibility a bigger push in front of the computer.

JJ balances equally her family and her narratives. Now, she is on the third manuscript of her IN THERE series, revising a book she wrote several years ago to make it into a series, revising a western manuscript, and has begun a western romance which will be none like you’ve ever read.

“Soaks up history like a sponge” is an understatement for JJ. History is her forte, which anyone reading just one of her books can tell. While she writes fiction, all of her books are historically based with
accurate events. She has no problem delving for a week into research just to find the answer to one question.

When dragged away from her laptop, JJ loves all things outdoors, from working in her gardens to camping and fishing. Her friends also take a priority on her list, and she travels with them to historic towns to get ideas for her next written offering.

Any reader will find out how passionate she is about writing. Check out all her books for a historic ride through time. JJ writes mostly historic mysteries, but writes for most age groups. There’s a ride for everyone.

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Non-Fiction Historical

Are you into Non-Fiction Historical? “Images of America Tacoma’s Haunted History” will be out soon and in the hands of paranormal buffs. Teresa Nordheim and Ross Alison have bound together Tacoma’s paranormal history that spills over with Native American culture, mysterious deaths, and curses that linger in the shadows. You won’t want to miss this book that will have goose bumps rippling up your spine and your peripheral vision going crazy.



Working hard on “In There, Where They Fade Away”, and “In There, Across Red Army Lines”. Books number 2 and 3 of the series are coming along. Number 2 has an ETA of mid-September. Can’t wait!




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