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Twelve-year-old Linh Roberts has an exciting and adventurous life with her undercover-cop dad, solving mysteries, investigating strange phenomenon, and helping those in need; an adventurous life that suddenly screeches to a halt when her dad is murdered. She moves in with her aunt and uncle, and after several months decides to continue down the sleuthing path her father put her on. Her first investigation of a house rumored to have disembodied voices within, proves to be exciting but also intimidating and downright petrifying when she is abruptly tossed through time and ends up in the middle of Hitler’s aggression-inflicted Denmark. She is quickly branded a Jew and must battle her way out before she is exterminated with her new Jewish friends. Her conflicts are many while she hides under docks, in boats, in the forest, and tries to make it to the safety of neutral Sweden, as well as finding a way back to her real home without changing or damaging the course of history. Number two of this mid-grade series, when Linh is tossed into the child-labor spinning factories of 1899, is due out in early September. Be on the look out!



Ten-year-old Sarah expected the usual uneventful day until a bolt of lightning suddenly launched out of a clear blue sky. While investigating the weather malfunction, she meets up with Kovel, an eleven-year-old runaway alien being chased by two of his father’s hired hands. Sarah, while cautious of this strange being, is completely overjoyed to finally have someone to play with. She offers to help Kovel with his plot to find his family’s missing crest and destroy it so he doesn’t have to ever return home. Their search turns into much more than they bargained for when they must continually run from Kovel’s fellow beings, discover underground pathways, a criminal in hiding, and several ghosts.


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