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Wanted A Friend Got an Alien

Ten-year-old Sarah expected the usual uneventful day until a bolt of lightning suddenly propelled out of a clear blue sky. While investigating the weather malfunction, she meets up with Kovel, an eleven-year-old runaway alien being chased by two of his father’s hired hands.

Sarah, while cautious of this strange being, is completely overjoyed to finally have someone to play with. She offers to help Kovel with his plot to find his family’s missing crest and destroy it so he doesn’t have to ever return home.

Their search turns into much more than they bargained for when they must continually run from Kovel’s fellow beings and they discover underground pathways, a criminal in hiding, and several ghosts.

This suspenseful mystery can be ordered from the publisher in softcover and ebook.  After you enjoy this book, be on the look-out for JJ Johse’s series, IN THERE, for middle grade readers. More information coming soon.

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